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SANDBERG from Sweden


Sandberg is established in 1976 to produce wallpaper and proud of having many various different patterns and colors in small and large scale having warm feeling from Scandinavian countries.

We have many other Sandberg fabric collections coodinated with our wallpapers besides showing in this site, please feel free to contact with us.


An inspiring fabrics collection with beautiful patterned texitiles that will stand the test of time. Classical patterns like Kiriko, Kina slott, Louise and Norma now share in two unique patterns that feature both greenery and history in their motifs.
The exquisite Chinese porcelain horses in our Tang textile come in two colour schemes with elegant emphasis. They lend dynamism and style to your room.
(The following products details in Japanese only.)

ELIN 370-29 ELIN 105-74 ELIN 195-01 ELIN 323-61 ELIN 198-00


A beautiful fabric specially designed to commemorate the royal wedding of Crown Princess of Sweden, H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria, and Mr Daniel Westling.
The Drottningholm Palace and its garden, where Crown Princess Victoria has resided in her childhood, are beautifully designed and printed on confortable silk.
(The following products details in Japanese only.)

Drottningholm 202-68 Drottningholm 202-65


The blossoming lemon trees of Amalfi bring Mediterranean cheer to any space, making it their own. Luxuriant fig brances in Ofelia partner the beautiful trees of Raphaela and Ian's mellow floral stripes. The color palette of the fabrics matches Sandberg wallpapers.
(The following products details in Japanese only.)

OFELIA 365-91 OFELIA 366-76 OFELIA 367-38 OFELIA 188-36 OFELIA 368-86


Keep summer throughout the year with this delightful group of botanical textiles. An incredibly beautiful and useful collection, which, together with the wallpaper from `Cecilia` collection, creates a healthy and harmonious atmosphere.
(The following products details in Japanese only.)

Botanical Fabrics 362-38 Botanical Fabrics 361-21 Botanical Fabrics 364-00

CollectionFENGLA & ELLIOT 

Drawing on the nostalgic influences of children's books from the 1950's, we've created Engla & Elliot a `wallpaper`and textile collection with playful characters that tells stories with a twist.
(The following products details in Japanese only.)

Engla&Elliot 357-37 Engla&Elliot 358-24 Engla&Elliot 355-38 Engla&Elliot 354-26 Engla&Elliot 356-44

CollectionFSandberg Classic vol.2

Enjoy with Sandberg Classic Vol. 2 !

Sandberg Classic Vol.2 118-54

CollectionFKaspar & Saga vol.2

Create a new world with `wallpapers` and fabrics from our latest collection for kids ! Dive among fishes in the ocean, make adventurous trips in the clouds or discover exciting fairytale landscapes. Anything is possible !

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